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About Your Host

Hi.  I'm Peter Berrie and I'm your host on the Genealogy Cafe community.  I've been researching my family tree since 1991 and helping others for nearly as long.  

I created Genealogy Cafe because I'm passionate about sharing the joys and excitement of this wonderful hobby..  I aim to bring together people who love family history to master the knowledge and skills needed for successful research so that they can capture their family stories, share the excitement of discovery and create a legacy for future generations.

Why You Should Join Genealogy Cafe

Genealogy Cafe is a ready-made online community where friendly and interesting people who love family history hang out.  Whether you're starting from scratch or a seasoned researcher, there will be something here for you.

When you join Genealogy Cafe, you'll learn new ways to look into your family history, you'll share the excitement of your new family history discoveries and you'll build a legacy for your family.

So what's inside?

When you join Genealogy Cafe for free, you get access to a social network that's dedicated to family history where you can:

  • Talk to any member about your research
  • Join in with a range of discussion groups
  • Read my personal blog + curated genealogy stories
  • See details of my "paid for" membership options
  • Build you family tree or load your existing GEDCOM
  • Contact me personally with any questions   

You can also download an iOS or Android app to your phone or tablet to access the community direct from your mobile device.

Once you're in the community, you can also see details of my standard, premium and "Done For You" research packages.  These include additional benefits, such as personal support from me for you family history, video calls where I answer member's questions, my personal guide called Free Ways To Do Family History and my personal product recommendations.

There will also be opportunities to sign up for genealogy courses. 

A Big Thanks

Thanks for visiting Genealogy Cafe.  I really hope you stick around, join in and help bring fun and value to all our membership.

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